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Artist / designer talk


Practising artists and designers from various sectors of the creative industries present and discuss their work and practice to groups of students at all levels and across all art and design disciplines.


Communication, critical evaluation, observation, reflection, description, increased confidence at public speaking, increased confidence at conversing with professional practitioners, self awareness.


Project Title: Artists’ Talks For The Painting and Printmaking Department
Student Name: Leo Arnold
School/Department: Fine Art – Painting and Printmaking
Year of study: Three
Project Length:  First and second terms of the school year 2013–14
Project Location: The Mackintosh Lecture Theatre


To give students a chance to discover new artists, discuss professional practice and provide an insight into the lives of a diverse spread of practising artists. Through this, students could begin to expand upon and improve their own practices.

What happened:

Practising artists gave a presentation to the students on their practice in the Mackintosh Lecture Theatre. The artists who came to speak included:

George Ziffo – 23 September 2013
Anita Dibianco – 27 September 2013
Sue Tompkins – 7 October 2013
Rachal Bradley – 14 October 2013
Kate Davis – 21 October 2013
Duncan Marquiss – 28 October 2013
Lucy Stein – 18 November 2013
Lotte Gertz – 24 February 2014

Students could ask questions at the end of the presentation, which allowed them to engage with the varied perspectives of different artists.

External or internal partners involved:


Project outcomes:

Students gained access to different approaches to art-making, an insight into different artists’ work and an opportunity to talk to artists whose work they were interested in.

Relationship with artists who were also tutors, such as Kate Davis, improved through better understanding of their work. Rachel Bradley’s talk conveyed the idea that an artist’s work does not necessarily have to consist of making as much work as possible as artists are working all the time, inside and outside the studio. Lotte Gertz’s work challenged the character of the studio as her work developed when she had children and they began to infiltrate her studio.

Skills students gained from undertaking the project:

Students broaden their perspectives of approaches to art-making and of other artists’ practices. They gained skills in discussing and criticising artists’ work while challenging their conceptions of what a practice could be. The talks also provided an insight into relevant contemporary discourse amongst contemporary artists. This is important for students so that they can engage with their work and consider its relevance to its time.

Video Interviews

Creative Ad – 3rd Year – John Ogunmuyiwa

“What does it take to make a simple creative idea an amazing campaign?” Advertising creative John Ogunmuyiwa reveals all.

Creative Ad – 3rd Year – Katherine Hudson

Katherine explains the benefits in having an opportunity to talk to someone who is working in the industry you are currently studying. Within a creative discipline it’s not always easy to feel you are on the right track and this can often lead to self-doubt. External talks are inspiring and help students to deliver the best possible final product.

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